Engineered Polymer Solutions

For Demanding Applications

RMB Products specializes in the formulation and use of engineered polymers to meet the needs of some of the most exacting industries. Our rotational molding process lets us customize our products to your precise specifications.

  • Additive manufacturing


We are the leading supplier of proprietary nylon 11 and nylon 12 resins (RMB 421, RMB 435, RMB 437) and rotationally molded and additive manufactured (laser sintered) parts to the commercial and military aircraft industry.

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  • Pharma manufacturing.


We specialize in designing and manufacturing large Teflon® PFA bottles and carboys. We utilize our rotational lining capabilities to solve stainless steel pitting problems in high chlorine concentration applications.

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  • chemical processing equipment


As principal supplier to the chemical processing, mining and oil and gas industries, we produce more rotationally lined pipe, fittings and vessels in diameters larger than 12" than any manufacturer in the world. Typical polymers include Tefzel® ETFE, Teflon® PFA, other engineered polymers, nylon 12 (RMB 421E2) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

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  • Semiconductor manufacturing.


We supply wet-processing and containment vessels and chemical delivery systems created through rotational molding and produced from engineered polymers such as Teflon® PFA, Kynar® PVDF, nylon and olefins.

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