Custom manufacturing and engineering.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing and Engineering Sets Us Apart

RMB Products was founded in 1963. Since 1978, we have specialized in custom manufacturing and engineered polymers for the aerospace, chemical processing, semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries.

Over 35 years after pioneering our industry, we have built a solid reputation for solving challenges that require innovation, broad experience and a commitment to meeting exacting standards.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Manufacturers

Our custom manufacturing and engineering capabilities are geared for custom, low-volume/low-demand products for critical applications and those requiring tight specifications. Our rotational molding and laser sintering (additive manufacturing) capabilities offer optimal flexibility in complex part geometries and compatibility with a wide array of highly engineered polymers.

Our rotational lining capability lets us provide seamless, bonded linings for unusually configured pipes, fittings, tanks and other structures. We focus on fluoropolymers, nylon and other proven thermoplastics, including many proprietary compounds we have developed and produced.

Turnkey Solutions

We offer turnkey services including design and engineering, mold fabrication, material compounding, fabrication of metal substrates, production, custom finishing and assembly. Our vertically integrated manufacturing solutions allow us adhere to a robust quality management program and offer extensive testing capabilities. Click here to get the solution that will meet your needs.